5 months ago

Sneeze Etiquette & God Bless You

There arrives a level of the not too distant future when they will seek to kill True Believers and followers from the Lord Jesus who speak The Simple fact. Those who do this will believe they do God's will, but in reality it may possibly mono-god' read more...

5 months ago

Following The Paths Of Life In Spiritual Way

CWE: Within your book, you share your philosophy all-around power of stories to talk truths and values, especially to young kids. Can you share that along with us now?

The two basic processes which facilitate preparing wine are oxidation read more...

5 months ago

On Eagles Wings An Issue Christian Religion

So I decided to write the stories with that in mentality. And I also made a few things i hoped was an educated guess - that angels weren't (aren't) shiny, haloed clones, but distinct individuals, gifted otherwise - particularly us - and therefore read more...

5 months ago

What Can Be A Christian These Days?

In instances the impoverished will pay a visit to the social services of the US Government for resources. But now even that is discovered wanting. Grocers continue in order to more etc expensive and poor families run from your food stamps long til read more...

5 months ago

The Demand For Spiritual Independence And The Bible

So, my impression of the end times was that people who had taken the objective of Satan would remain behind considering world fell into confusion. I remember being horrified by the movie.

6 months ago

The Death Of Christianity

The hardest book? The idea have for you to become Anyone Can tell a Story, mostly because all one other books, to that point, were being written need to and I'd established a 'voice' that worked for me personally. Because 'Anyone' was for adults, read more...